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Our Seminars

Succeed on the SAT*

Attend one of our family seminars and gain a better understanding of the most up-to-date SAT* testing format, rules, and scoring.  "Succeed on the SAT*" seminars are hosted monthly at Omega Learning® Centers.  Whether your student is new to the SAT* or struggling to achieve the scores they need, this seminar is a great experience for the whole family!

Study Skills for Success

Learn about the different learning styles and how they affect your student's ability to efficiently study. Seminar also includes study skills tips, test-taking techniques, homework organization, note-taking efficiency, goal-setting strategies, and study time management.

State Test Evaluation

Omega Learning® Center provides your comprehensive state test evaluation in a simulated and proctored testing environment, allowing students to experience the testing process before it counts. Your evaluation test provides vital information that helps you reach your individual academic goals.



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Omega Learning® Center - Indian Hills places the highest value on our communication system and providing the best customer service in the industry. We would like to invite you to provide our center with a quick review on Google, Yelp, and/or Facebook.  Thank you in advance for your comments and we look forward to seeing you soon at Omega Learning® Center!


College Crossroads: 5 Ways to Find Career Paths

Many high school and college students feel that they need to have their whole lives planned out before graduation. That's a lot of pressure to take on, and it really isn't practical because your goals and desires change over time. At this point, the best way to prepare for the process of career planning is to take some steps to get to know more about yourself.Read More...

Our Evaluation Tests

GA Milestones State Test Evaluation

Take your GA Milestones evaluation now before it counts. Omega administers a free State Test evaluation to help students prepare for their upcoming End-of-Grade state test. Schools require standardized benchmarking tests that determine their level of curriculum comprehension. The results of these tests are vital to your student’s academic placement in future years and determine promotion to the next grade level. In most states this yearly test is administered in the spring to students in grades 3-8. Students benefit by taking an initial evaluation test to help our certified teachers customize each student’s test prep program. Schedule your free State Test evaluation today.

SAT/ACT* Evaluation Test

Take our online evaluation test for the SAT* or ACT* before it counts! Omega understands that it is difficult to have your student set aside a dedicated time and place at home without distractions to take important standardized practice tests.  Omega provides a quiet, simulated environment where your student can concentrate and take their practice test seriously. Experts recommend taking both the SAT* and ACT* tests at least once in advance of your senior year in high school to determine which one should be your primary focus for college admittance. Schedule your student’s evaluation tests today.

Our Accreditation

Omega Learning® Centers are accredited nationwide through AdvancED. Omega Learning® Center is the ONLY nationally-accredited Tutoring Franchise! AdvancED is the world's largest education community, engaging 32,000 public and private schools, 4 million educators, and 20 million students across the US and 70 other countries. In 2016 Omega Learning® was re-accredited with Honors through 2021. Omega’s re-accreditation scores exceeded the AdvancED network average scores by 30%!

Accredited Tutors for grades K-12. SACS accredited tutoring service with AdvancED.


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